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The Hunter - Meta Post Chapters 5-8

As I mentioned in the previous post, Kohaku and Rin begin their journey from Kyoto to Edo on the Nakasendo. Along the route were 69 stations or shukuba, each offering inns, restaurants and stables where weary travelers and their horses (presuming they had any) could rest. 

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Okay, I think that's enough for now. Next up will be Oiran, kaiken and more stops along the Nakasendo. Cheers!

The Hunter - Meta Post Chapters 1-3

I've got a massive Word .doc sitting on my hard drive with all the background research I did before I began writing The Hunter. Since this is very much a history-based story, I thought I might share some details about the events and places mentioned in the fic. Who knows, if inspiration hits this might just be an ongoing series.

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Stay tuned for the next post - coming soon!

27th Nov, 2012

There are still times when I log in to my traffic stats on fanfiction.net and find myself caught off guard. I can't even comprehend 100, 200, and sometimes even more unique users reading a single chapter of my fic. It blows me away every single time. That's more kids than I teach in a full day. I don't think that'll ever feel "normal" to me. 

FA Awards: Thank you!

I just found out that I actually placed (and won!) in two categories of the Feudal Association Awards in July. The best part is that both fics that won are older. I sometimes even forget about them, so you can imagine how surprised I was to see that not only are people still reading them but still enjoying them too. 

Thank you so much to everyone who voted! This is so exciting :)

This gorgeous artwork is the award for my first place fic - "One Hundred Strokes". Click the image to give it a read!


This second wonderful artwork is for my second place win for Best Angst fic - The Assassin. Please click the image to read it!


New Fic - The Hunter

Well, I couldn't stay away for long. Being unemployed has made me stir crazy like you would not believe, but it's also given me time to catch up on my fics. 

I mentioned that I had a Kohaku/Rin fic that I'd been working on for a couple of years. It's still incomplete on my computer, but I've got a fair number of chapters ready to go that I'm willing to share with you guys. I'm definitely eager to hear what you think since Kohaku/Rin is not a common pairing in the IY fandom - at least not that I've seen anyway. 

Chapter One of The Hunter is posted at FanFiction.net. Check it out here.

LSR Notes - Chapter 40 "Sayonara"

For anyone who might be curious, the first half of the final chapter was almost wholly inspired by the song "The Ladder" by Andrew Belle. 

Check it out below:



woe is me
faithless you and selfish me
i will leave a key for you outside my doorway

woe is me
one if by the land, or two by sea
so won't you leave, for me, a light outside your doorway

on a ladder from there to here i'll climb
all this clatter between my ears i find
does it matter if i cant clear my mind?
There's a right and a wrong time

Woe is me
Sentimental you and faithful me
And i will be the one to gaze on you discreetly

Slow your speed
Turn yourself around and follow me
Cause i will be the one who preys upon you sweetly

on a ladder from there to here i'll climb
all this clatter between my ears i find
does it matter if i can't clear my mind?
There's a right and a wrong time

on a ladder from there to here i'll climb
all this clatter between my ears i find
does it matter if i can't clear my mind?
There's a right and a wrong time

Check check... LSR Update

Does this thing still work? *brushes dust off*

Well it's been a while but I'm back to talk about LSR because after 5 years and 10 months it's finally finished. Yes, you read that correctly - I'm done. Whew! 

Final Chapter - "Sayonara" - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3321631/40/Love-s-Smirking-Revenge

(Optional) Epilogue - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3321631/41/Love-s-Smirking-Revenge

Some Final Thoughts (spoilers within if you haven't read the above):

A part of me wishes it hadn't taken so long. Almost 6 years? That's a long ass time to be writing one story. I feel legitimate guilt for those of you who have stuck with me from the beginning or middle because sometimes the wait between chapters was long. Gomen ne....

Another part of me is proud that it took me this long. Because even in the face of two degrees, two trans-Pacific moves, several failed relationships, and a series of health problems I never gave up on it. Fan fiction though it may be, this story has been my constant companion through thick and thin; sometimes on the back burner, but never ever forgotten. Is it perfect? No, but what story is in the eyes of its creator?

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With that, I'll sign off but not before saying one last thank you to everyone who took the time to read LSR or support me as a writer within this fandom. I think it's you who I will miss most of all. The characters I can always come back to, but I will absolutely miss the connection through PMs and reviews that I shared with each and every one of you. You will be missed :)

Until next time,


LSR Update

Yes, yes, yes! Next chapter of LSR is now officially more than 2/3rds complete. I hope I can finish this ASAP. I want to share it so badly :D The identity of the gold bullet killer is finally (finally!) revealed. Can you guess who it is?

Love's Smirking Revenge - Epilogue

Just wrote a bitching epilogue for LSR. Hello delicious plot twist! :D I don't think anyone will be able to predict this one, at least I hope not. It will certainly end the story on an interesting note and bring everything full circle. Can't wait!

3rd Nov, 2011

So pumped about the next chapter of LSR!!!!!

I was working on it tonight and parts 1 & 2 are finished. Just gotta complete part 3. I'm sorry it's taken this long but it is kind of the climax of the whole thing so I've gotta do it right. So far I'm loving it!!! I hope you guys do too!

Can't believe this has been a 5 year project. Wow... Time flies eh?

Writer's Block: Happily ever after

What is your favorite childhood fairytale?
"The Sea Maiden" - an old Celtic tale and a long-time favourite. 

Other favourites include: Childe Rowland, The White Snake and The Sea-Hare

4th Oct, 2011

Sometimes we all think we're really close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away~

Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you!

Inspiration - Pride & Prejudice Chapter 10

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It's been a while since I did an inspiration post, so here goes :)

Chapter 10 of Pride and Prejudice (read it here if you haven't) features Damon and Elena in New Orleans. I've wanted to head there myself for quite some time, so the prospect of working it into my fic was an exciting one for me. 

As is mentioned in the first line of the new chapter, Damon and Elena have taken over a shotgun house in Faubourg Marigny. For the house, I envisioned something along the lines of this place:

General Call for a Beta

I haven't done this before so this is new territory for me, but I'm looking for a beta.

I have a KohakuxRin fic that I've been tinkering at for close to 6 months now and I could use some help. It's designed to be a romance fic, kind of like those cheesy bodice rippers you pick up at Target only with less cheese.

I know there are some incredibly talented writers on here so that why it's my first stop. If anyone is at all interested, please let me know.



Vampire Diaries Fandom

 I made my first sojourn into the Vampire Diaries fandom in May. The second season was close to ending and I was ready for a new challenge. Not expecting much, I started a fic called Pride & Prejudice, a play off of one of my favourite novels. The response has been admittedly rather surprising. Just checked up on some stats today... 600 users reading my little fic this month alone (so far), the majority of those hits being on the 2 days I posted up new chapters.

I wasn't prepared for this kind of response, especially considering my fic is only 9 chapters long at present, but it's been a nice welcome. Might have to try my hand at some more Vampire Diaries down the road.

I have some interesting thoughts about Damon's past that I'd like to explore. We've got 147 years of blank when it comes to him - we see him leave Mystic Falls and then the next time we see him he's back again with only rumours of where he's been and what he's been up to. With a personality like his, you can bet he got himself into some interesting situations. Will be fun to write if I get the time ;)

Anyway, sorry, this post was a total ramble. I just wanted to share. Hope you are all having a great week!
 Went out for a walk tonight and was struck with inspiration for my Vampire Diaries fic. Motored home and ended up banging out 5 pages - a whole new chapter! Very impressed with myself, especially after a week of not typing a single word that wasn't a work-related email. And here It thought summer break would give me heaps of writing time hahaha!

Hope you are all enjoying beautiful and productive weekends :)


3rd Aug, 2011

 Exam is finished, done, fini-to and I think I actually did okay on it. My hand still hurts from writing for three hours straight (honestly, it should be illegal to make you write 7 essays in 3 hours) but it's all good. My brain has already been buzzing with fic ideas, specifically one for my Delena fic which has been sorely neglected on account of my coursework. But now I'm FREE! FREE to write every simple nonsensicle idea in my head starting with this post :)


LSR Chapter 36 - Update

 Just wanted to post an update for anyone who was curious. Chapter 36 is nearly complete. About 95% done and I'm rather happy with it.

This is another one where I had a whole scene written over a year ago and it's going up pretty much untouched. Love when that happens! Chapter 36 is going to be tension from start to end...but that will basically be the rest of the story from here on out so I hope you guys are up for it ;D

With any luck 36 will be posted this week. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Merlin - Season 2

 So far, I have to say I'm a touch disappointed with the second season of Merlin. 

The acting is superb, but that is never an issue with this show. My complaint stems more from the formulaic design of the season. It seems like every episode there is that necessary moment of "It must be magic!" dum dum daaaaa! At this point it's running the risk of entering CSI:Miami David Kane territory for overplaying the line.

I'm only 9 episodes in and perhaps my impression of this season will change before it's complete but at present I'm not sure what to think. It seems clear that the writers wanted to explore the relationship between Uther and Arthur but the rest of the characters ended up falling by the wayside. Gwen and Morgana have been sorely missed throughout. Whatever was developing between Arthur and Gwen has been dropped completely perhaps to avoid the impression that it is being rushed. What annoys me most about what they did with her character in this season is that they shoved her firmly into the background. She only appears as a plot tool when needed, and only for a short time at that. Rather disappointing IMO. Merlin gets a bit of character development and finally gets a girlfriend though it's a short-lived romance (half an episode) and very much left me wondering if it wasn't stuck in there to assure the more conservative types that he's not secretly lusting after Arthur.

I rather enjoyed season 1 but at this point season 2 is very meh for me. I am holding out that season 3 will dazzle me again. I rather like this show and would hate to be so let down two seasons in a row.  

Movie Recommendation - Super 8

I went into this one not expecting much. It was a Friends Friday Movie Night type of week and I went along with it. Was pleasantly, pleasantly surprised.

The movie is a tie between E.T and Stand By Me. Absolutely adored it. Well done J.J. Abrams! This is the kind of summer blockbuster I want to see more of. Action, with a story.

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